On 1 January 2005, we launched our vision for 2025.

Vision 2025 is about Promoting Reconciliation by establishing Transformational Communities through the equipping of Leaders. Our primary method of promoting reconciliation is through establishing transformational communities.

There are six components of this vision:

1. Equipping Leaders

Through trainings in the Anugrah Ashrams, local transformational communities and beyond.

2. Providing Resources

Teaching and study tools, in Hindi language both by translating existing materials, and writing relevant new materials.

3. Loving Our Neighbours

By initiating programmes of sharing the love of Lord Jesus.

4. Helping the Poor

By providing necessary aid to the most impoverished people of North India. Empowering the women through skills and teaching the next generation.

5. Serving the capital cities of North India

Through establishing Anugrah Ashrams.

6. Partnering and Networking

With others who are like-minded.

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Bible Bhavan
50, Amrita Shergill Marg
New Delhi - 110003

Phone: (+91-11) 24611311

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