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Isaac Joseph Shaw

Isaac Joseph Shaw is the National Director/President of DBI and the Senior Pastor of BBCF Churches. Gloria, his wife, leads the projects of Helping the Poor as a volunteer besides being one of the deaconesses in the church. They have three daughters Gloria, Myriam and Sarah and a son Isaac.

Abuan Pamei

Abuan Pamei is an able and a gifted administrator serving as the General Director – Ministries of DBI, Regional Director of Delhi Bible Bhavan and Executive Pastor of BBCF English. He is married to Sengmei who serves as one of the deaconesses in the church and core leaders of the Working Professionals Ministry.

Ramraj David

Ramraj David is the General Director – Operations. He also serves as the Regional Director of Lucknow Anugrah Ashram and the Pastor of BBCF Lucknow. He pioneered in establishing Dehradun Bible Ashram in 2006, Lucknow Bible Ashram in 2007 and Ranchi Bible Ashram in 2011. Ramraj is a fearless leader of people, an author and an able Bible teacher. He is married to Lakhwanti. They have three daughters Esther, Sarah and Deborah and a son Caleb.

Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar is the Regional Director of Ranchi Anugrah Ashram.He also serves as the Pastor of BBCF Ranchi. He came to DBI as a student after which he continued as a volunteer before he joined the team. He is married to Guddi and they have a daughter Grace and a son Thomas.

Mangal Singh

Mangal Singh is the Regional Director of Chandauli Anugrah Ashram. He also serves as the pastor of BBCF Chandauli. He is married to Nirmala Devi who serves in the ashram as the sewing instructor. They have a son Ashish and two daughters Anjali and Ankita. The whole family serves in the Ashram.

Samuel Masih

Samuel Masih came to DBI as a student in 1994. He is currently the Regional Director of Dehradun Anugrah Ashram and also serves as a Pastor in BBCF Dehradun. He is teaching in ARD, CFC & RDT. He is grateful that the Lord led him to DBI and is using him to fulfill His eternal purpose for those people who have no hope in this life and the life after death.

He is married to Arnima Masih and together they are leading and serving the Dehradun Anugrah Ashram.

Honey Kumar

Honey Kumar is the Regional Director of Chandigarh Anugrah Ashram. He also serves as the Pastor of BBCF Chandigarh. Honey came to DBI as a student in 2010 after which he took pastoral internship. He is married to Rashmeet. They have a son Jonathan Paul.

Punam Lama

Punam Lama servesas the Assistant Regional Director of Jaipur Anugrah Ashram and Pastor of BBCF Jaipur. He is married to Dil Kumari.

Andrews Dass

Andrews Dass is the Assistant Regional Director of Delhi Bible Bhavan and a trainee pastor at BBCF English. He closed down his flourishing business to join full time ministry. He is married to Rachna. They have two sons Ivan and Isaac.

Stephen John Prasad

Stephen John Prasad is the Programmes Executive. He also serves as the Pastor of BBCF Hindi and is the second senior most team member. He is married to Suman. They have three sons Timothy, Arpan and Shalom.

Namgyal Tshering Bhutia

Namgyal Tshering Bhutia

Yogita Vijayanand

Yogita Vijayanand serves as the Secretary to the National Director/President of DBI. One of the key roles she plays is in publishing DBI monthly newsletter Uplink and the Annual Review. She is married to Sam Vijayanand. They have three boys Jesse, Joshua and Jordan.

Basant Kumar

Basant Kumar has done his Masters in Computer Application. He worked as a software professional in different private companies and firms at market place before God called him to serve Him. He quit his job in 2013, and in the same year joined as a student in DBI. After completing the course he took the Pastoral Internship. Since then he has led in planting and pastoring the Sonia Vihar Church and then moved to Dehradun Anugrah Ashram as an Assistant Regional Director in 2017. Currently he is leading the work of Lucknow Anugrah Ashram as an Assistant Regional Director as well as pastoring the Lucknow BBCF. He is married to Gunjan, who serves alongside him as a deaconess in the church and in leading the women’s ministry. He is also excellent in interpreting in Hindi.

Phungamchan Zimik

Phungamchan Zimik serves as the Church Administrator of BBCF English. She is also part of the worship team. She is married to Anthony Kho.

Arnima Masih

Arnima Masih was a teacher in a Christian children school and a language teacher before the Lord called her and now has fully committed to serve the Lord Jesus Christ along with her husband Pastor Samuel Masih. She has been leading the Women's Ministry in Dehradun. Through the trainings of Cancer Awareness Training, Heena Story Telling, First Aid Training, Sewing Skills, Beading and Adult Literacy Program, she is extending the kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ in North India.

Maical Maseeh

Maical Maseeh serves as the Finance Executive. He is an able and a gifted accountant. His journey began as a student in 2004 after which he served as a volunteer till the time he was serving full time as the leader of the Bible Book Room which expanded under his leadership. He is one of the deacons in BBCFHindi. He is married to Savita.They haveone daughter Jasmine.

Laxman Kumar

Laxman Kumar serves as the Accounts Assistant in Dehradun Anugrah Ashram. He joined the team in July 2013. He came to DBI as a student in 2006 and later served between 2007 to 2013 as a volunteer. He is married to Priyanka.

Mahendra Prasad

Mahendra Prasad serves asthe Accounts Assistant in Lucknow Anugrah Ashram. He is married to Prerna. They are recently blessed with a baby boy Samuel.

Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar serves as the Services Manager. His culinary skill is well appreciated by thousands who have come to Bible Bhavan during his many years of service at Bible Bhavan. He serves in the Hindi congregation of BBCF as one of the deacons. He is married to Sapna who is also a sewing instructor. They have two boys Joshua and Joel and a girl Sharon.

Karnan James

Karnan James serves as the Facilities Manager. He left his steady job in a pharmaceutical company to serve the Lord. He is married to Vijaya. They have two daughters Keren and Judith.

Thotmung Muivah

Thotmung Muivah serves as theYouth & Music Pastor of BBCF English. Thotmung teaches the Bible. He is a talented musician, a gifted praise & worship leader. He is married to Venus Carrillo.

Suresh Chandra

Suresh Chandra joined as a student then served as a Master Trainer at BBCF Dehradun. He had taught in Regional Bible Trainings in different local churches in Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh. In Dehradun Anugrah Ashram he had taught in Christian Foundation Course, One Year Ashram Bible Course and Computer Training in Vocational Center. In 2014 he married Priyanka Bisht in Dehradun and the Lord has blessed them with a daughter, Sejal Chandra.

In 2016 he joined as a staff and first served as an Accountant in the Dehradun Anugrah Ashram. He is now based in Delhi. He was taking care of the Book Room. Now is handling BBCF English church accounts and is also now shepherding the Sonia Vihar church.

Contact Details

Bible Bhavan
50, Amrita Shergill Marg
New Delhi - 110003

Phone: (+91-11) 24611311
Email: dbishaw@gmail.com

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